About Us


There is nothing quite like a great event. The energy that comes from a full room full of people you know and love, the connections between attendees, the glow on the faces of those the event is honoring – you can’t find it anywhere else. Sometimes it’s marking a major life event, other times it’s just bringing life to a random Sunday night. But regardless these are the moments that make life fun, and when done well they are the ones that people will remember for years to come.


There is also nothing quite like a terrible event. You’ve been at those too – stilted, stiff conversations, bad food and music, people finding any sort of excuse to hit the exit early. And while those are painful for attendees, they’re a nightmare for the host. Throwing parties and events for the people you love is intimidating, especially if you’re not one of these superwomen who seems to be planning something every weekend of the year. That’s why we started Cotier – to give
everyday hostesses everything the need to make their next event a HIT with friends and family.


"We Enable the Everyday Hostess to Create Unforgettable Events Through the Power of Human Connection."

Marx & Amber Succés


Cotier Brand