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15 Baby Shower Planning Secrets Every Host Should Know

Planning a baby shower that is fun, engaging, and memorable can be a challenge especially when there is a never-ending flow of tips and advice online. So we’ve created the 15 planning secrets that will seriously make your upcoming baby shower a hit!

1. Build Anticipation

The art of anticipation is a solid tactic to use to get your guests excited and primed for your event. Looking forward to an event will undoubtedly put anyone in the right state of mind when arriving at your shower and it’s easier than you think! 

One of the first things you can do is flaunt your theme on your invitations whether they are physical or digital invitations. Also, hinting at the types of food or specific dishes that will be present at the event. If you will have a donut stand or taco bar at your event...TALK ABOUT IT! You can also send a reminder text 1 -2 weeks prior to confirm RSVP’s but also mention a fun food item or activity and how you can’t wait to have them come and play.

2. Have Your Guests Participate in the Theme

What is your baby shower theme? Does your theme lend itself to having obvious props that guests can wear? Wouldn’t it be fun if as guests were coming through the door, they’re given a grass skirt for a summer or Hawaiian theme, a tutu for a princess theme, a coconut bra for a mermaid theme, a unicorn headband for a unicorn theme, or a boho flower headband crown for a rustic baby shower theme.

Utilizing this trick makes your theme stick and creates a sense of community with your guests. It also makes for good photo ops that can be shared on Facebook and/ or Instagram!

3. Have a Lottery

Baby shower guests love winning prizes especially when it’s in lottery form. An easy way to run a lottery is to hand out tickets or lottery cards as guests are entering the baby shower. You can even incentivize guests to bring additional diaper boxes or baby books for the promise of additional tickets to increase their chance of winning. Check it out on Amazon here.

4. Hide Lottery Tickets Throughout Event

Take the previous tip to the next level by also hiding lottery tickets throughout your event like Easter eggs. Great ways to do this, can be to hide the tickets underneath chairs, under plates, behind balloons and other creative ways. The more lottery tickets your guests capture, the higher their chances are of winning!

5. Showcase Your Prize Table

Yes, we said it! Showcase your prize table just like you would the cake and dessert table. By openly displaying the boxes or gift bags of prizes, it will definitely get your guests excited about playing games and getting the chance to snag one of those bags!

6. Link Up Your Guests

You’re going to be bringing together a very diverse group of women. We’re talking sisters, girlfriends, grandmas, aunts, co-workers, and many others so it’s critical that everyone is introduced to one another. I know this sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many baby showers that people attend and they were never formally introduced to any of the other guests.

Simply thinking of shared tv show interests, food, fashion, pop culture, sports, and other interests can be an excellent way to introduce women to one another. This simple tip will do wonders for the experience of your guests! We all know that when you find that one-person at the event that you connect with its exponentially improves your personal experience at the event.

7. Have a Mom-osa Bar

The hottest baby shower trend right now is hosting a Momosa Bar at your baby shower. This is essentially a Mimosa Bar without the champagne in respect to the mom-to-be since she can’t drink alcohol while pregnant. So the set-up would look the same as a Mimosa Bar layout with fruit in bowls and glass carafes that hold the orange juice, grapefruit juice, mango juice, lemonade, and etc.

Guests will love this idea and replacing the champagne with sparkling white grape juice or a crisp apple cider is just as delicious! Check out the kit above on Amazon here.

8. Have a Playlist Prepared

Please oh please prepare a playlist for your baby shower ahead of time. This will give you the chance to carefully curate 2-3 hours worth of good music and songs that will keep the environment energized. Simply use Amazon Music if you have a Prime Membership or Spotify to create the perfect playlist according to your crowd and baby shower theme. Don't have the time to make your own? Try our exclusive, professionally curated 2hr+ mix by DJ Kara here.

9. Good Food

Please have good food at your event! I know it’s tempting but don’t run to the store at the last minute and pick up sandwich trays, meat and cheese trays, and vegetable dip trays. It takes your event up another notch if there’s a good salad bar, cupcakes, fun finger foods, rice, chicken and other delicious foods.

There’s nothing that brings a smile across your guests face quicker than arriving at your event and seeing a full spread that they can’t wait to devour!

10. Hype Up Your Event

It’s hard for guests to stay excited at your event if they see that you're not smiling and having a good time. As host or mom-to-be make sure that your leading the environment you want to create. Joke with guests, smile, ask if people are enjoying the food, hint at the next round of games to come, and much more.

11. Taco Bar, Donut Bar, Candy Bar...OH MY!

Now if you have the budget this is a must have at any baby shower! I don’t know what it is but we as women love customizing our food. Honestly, I think we just love anything buffet style! So use this to your advantage, have a table set up for self-made tacos, cupcake decorating, donuts, pretzels, candy, salad, fancy meat and cheeses, or whatever floats your boat. Trust me, this detail will blow your guests mind.

12. Party Backdrop for Selfies

No event is complete without pictures and selfies. The Mom-to-be is dressed in her best and so are the guests so it’s literally the perfect time for photo-ops. Purchase a fun backdrop of sparkly fringe streamers, sheer cloth, flowers, or something else amazing that guests can stand in front of it and take pictures with one another and the mom-to-be.

13. Have a Landmark Item

This tip is a cool one but very rarely thought of. It’s about having a statement piece when people walk into your event. This can be an oversized baby bottle, diaper boxes decorated and stacked to look like baby blocks, large balloon arrangements, or anything that could be the focal point of your event.

Your landmark item will not only serve as a place for photo-ops but it will anchor your event in guests minds because a lot of baby showers lack this “WOW” factor.

14. Photo Booth Props

This tip pairs perfectly with Tip#12 because photo booths are a classic way to up the fun factor at your event. Search the internet or make your own funny photo booth props that your guests can hold up while they take group pictures and selfies in front of your fun backdrop.

15. Choose Games that Require Interaction

There are many baby shower games to choose from at the store or on the internet. As a result, it can be very overwhelming to pick a handful of games to play at your event. 

The best games are ones that build overall anticipation and have interaction among guests. Think contests, friendly rivalries, lottery games, and games that are just silly and ridiculous. The more ridiculous the better because that will put smiles on your guests faces and create long-lasting memories.


Written by Amber S.

 Amber is the Owner and Co-Founder of Cotier Brand which is a party supply company that aims to take the anxiety out of hosting social gatherings. She’s passionate about creating products that inspire a vibe, generate buzz, create laughter and facilitate the connection we all long for that truly makes an event a hit.


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  • Love the tips . Hosting a baby shower August 10Th &thiers nothing much more excited ,fun to see everyone enjoying themselves. N Mom to be seeing my daughter loving this moment!

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    Susan Stenman on
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