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How to Make a Bridal Shower Mimosa Bar


Planning a bridal shower that is fun, engaging, and memorable can be a challenge especially when there is a never-ending flow of tips and advice online. But one thing for sure is that having a mimosa bar at your bridal shower is a must to instantly elevate your overall event.

The Essentials

The following items listed below are the essential items you'll need to host a successful Mimosa Bar.
1. 4x Glass Pitcher Carafes are perfect for pouring your orange juice and other delicious juice flavors.
 2. Plastic Champagne Flutes are a great alternative to glass because they make clean-up a breeze and are safer than glass.
3. An Ice Beverage Container is also a must for holding all your bubbly whether you choose to do sparkling white grape juice, prosecco, or champagne.
4. Small Serving Bowls will also be essential to hold all your fruit toppings so you can have a gorgeous display.
5. You will need to purchase 3 to 4 lemonades or juices for your mimosa bar. Make sure you purchase orange juice due to it being the classic juice of choice for mimosas.
6. Depending upon the Bride's taste, you'll need to select either a few bottles of Sparkling Grape Juice or Champagne.

Decorating Your Mimosa Bar

Now that we've covered the essential items you'll need for your setup, it's time to get to the fun part!

1. Choose a Great Location

Choosing a location that is well lit and near the other food and drink items is a must! However, also keep in mind where you'd like people to gather because mimosa bars naturally become a gathering place for conversations. Last thing you want is for people to be forced to move too far away from the bar because they become a bottleneck in an area in your home or the event that prevents traffic from flowing.

2. Up the Elegance Factor with Pre-Printed Signs & Tags

When it comes to professional party styling, it's common to see custom pre-printed directional signs, banners and tags. These small details can make any event instantly look more expensive. 
To achieve the same look with a mimosa bar, you're going to need a Mimosa Bar Instructional Sign, drink tags, topping tent cards and a beautiful banner.
 Click HERE to check out a kit that includes all of these details and more!

3. Remember that Details Matter

Incorporating decorative drinking straws, decorative flowers, glitter confetti, drink stirrers and other small but affordable party accessories will not only bring the entire look together but impress your guests.


 Bonus Mimosa Bar Tips

Here are a few tips and insights that we've gathered from researching and reading various forums, articles and Facebook groups on creating the perfect mimosa bar experience.


Infuse edible flowers in your champagne bucket. This latest trend will absolutely WOW your guests once they approach your mimosa bar!


Always be accommodating for both drinkers and non-drinkers. There's nothing more uncomfortable for a guest to feel as though they don't have options at a party. By providing both sparkling white grape juice and champagne, you are making sure everyone has the chance to participate!


 Think paper fans, balloons, fresh flowers, decorative napkins, decorative trays and more as you fill out and decorate your overall table. 
 We hope you enjoyed and found this information helpful as you prepare to host your bridal shower!


Written by Amber S.

 Amber is the Owner and Co-Founder of Cotier Brand which is a party supply company that aims to take the anxiety out of hosting social gatherings. She’s passionate about creating products that inspire a vibe, generate buzz, create laughter and facilitate the connection we all long for that truly makes an event a hit.


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  • Amazing demo!!! Where can I get the white cart???

    Claudia Liendo on
  • Hi, great article!!!
    I had planned this for my son’s baby shower!
    Where do you get the edible flowers, in my case cherry blossom 🌸?

    Evelyn on
  • Hi any link for the cart the bar is set up on? Thank you

    Nicole on

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