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10 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually FUN

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve played more rounds of diaper derby at a baby shower than you can stand. The problem with baby showers is that they are caught in a traditionalist format, and people keep themselves entertained in ways they probably expected before arriving.

Luckily for you, as someone who is planning or may one day plan a baby shower, there’s a way around this problem. No one will even notice if you boot one of the tired, overdone games from the agenda – as long as you replace them with one of these fun games designed for a new generation of parents.

See the list below. We've Included links to the products for your convenience.

 1. Scratch Off Lottery Game

Cotier Brand Women's Day

This baby shower game is a total original! Imagine having a game that is perfect for door prizes, ice breakers, and other games needing a randomized winner. In order to play, you simply hand out the lottery tickets and ask your guests to scratch out the baby's diaper. The lady that reveals a poop emoji under the diaper wins the prize! Click here to check it out.

2. Add a Mom-osa Bar to your Event

Yes, we know this one isn't a game, but what better way to add class and elegance to your shower than a Mimosa Bar? This unique mimosa bar kit is sure to get your guests mingling and enjoying their own creations for the entire shower. This one is available on Amazon. Check it out here.

3. Baby Prediction & Advice

This game doubles as a keepsake for the mom-to-be! Guests get the opportunity to guess various characteristics of the baby and leave insightful advice on the front part of the card. There's also a special area on the back of this card to write a private note to the Mom-to-be to read to the baby. How sweet is that! Check it out here.

 4Draw-your-own Baby Book or Baby Blocks

Often, baby showers overlook the most important part of the shower – the baby – and focus on more material things. Guests worry about what item to buy on a baby registry that will be the most memorable. When guests create their own baby gift, like personalized blocks or pages of a baby book, you can provide a fun and social activity that can bring Mom and the guests together.

5. Babycakes

Have your guests test their decorating skills with a cupcake-decorating contest! You can offer different prizes for different decorating skills and involve everyone in the voting process. Prizes like “Prettiest” cupcake, “Girliest” cupcake, or “Most Unique Decorating Skills” are popular. The grand prize, however, goes to the person who gets the cupcake with the baby figurine baked into it – kind of like the king cake tradition from traditional Mardi Gras celebrations.

6. Time Capsule for Baby

Here is a sweet idea for the baby-to-be which they can personally experience later down the road: Create a time capsule to be opened on their 18th birthday! Things to include are photos of the mother-to-be, thoughts about what you think your future baby will be like, memories you had with Mom, and trivia about this year!

7. Baby-Themed Scattergories

You have twelve categories of topics to choose from. You then have ninety seconds to write unique answers to those categories that is provided for that category. The trick is that each answer has to begin with a certain letter. Make a short version of this game involving baby and/or pregnancy-themed categories, and you’ll have your guests crying with laughter.

8. Blindfolded Baby Food Test

Rediscover both the joys and the horrors of baby food with this activity! Choose willing (or unwilling) participants from the guests to be blindfolded and sat at a table. Each round will have three blindfolded contestants and one giant-sized spoon—leaving the blindfolded participants on the edge of their seat guessing which one of them will get the extra mouthful! Guests will have the baby food flavor revealed to them on a whiteboard, where they are encouraged to express their delight or disgust at the odd flavors – all at the expense of the participants who are left in the dark. The last round includes a bucket of applesauce dumped over the head of a willing and pre-chosen participant. Best to do this fun activity outside for easy cleanup!

9. Spit the Binky

Each participant gets a binky. Their job is to spit their binkies out as far as they can. But it’s not as easy as it sounds! This is especially handy if you’re having an all-gender baby shower, as it can sometimes be hard to entertain those hyper-masculine attendees! Provide prizes for first, second, and third place winners. Because of the spit, it’s a good idea to do this outside.

10. My Water Broke

Guests can choose to participate in this game by putting an ice cube with a plastic baby frozen in it into their drinks at the same time. The first person whose baby pops out of the ice cube, wins a small door prize. In the same spirit as Uno, they must yell, “MY WATER BROKE!” at the top of their lungs – regardless of what’s going on at the time!

BONUS---> Guess the Baby

For a less competitive, but more interactive game, ask attendees to email the organizer a baby photo of themselves. The organizer will create a “Guess the Baby” board on which they organize the printed photos of the attendees with their names underneath (covered in a sticky note). Alternately, you could encourage competition by putting numbers next to each picture and giving each guest a game sheet where they get to guess who is who.

Once you get to the age where everyone you know is having a baby, baby showers can get repetitive. These ideas are a fresh and fun way to mix up the celebration stagnation!

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  • I’m having a baby shower for my granddaughter. It’s a girl. I’ve never done this before and I really want it to be successful and special for her. This is her first child. Would love to win.

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